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Lais Gusatti

Lecturer Profile

Lais has lived in Ireland as a student since 2014 and worked in the Education and Study Abroad area since 2016. She has joined Dorset College academic team with a broad range of experiences in Education. Lais holds a Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality and has interests in Leadership, Tourism, Education and Academic Quality.

Lais believes that studying abroad is life changing, with the opportunity to gain an international academic, social and cultural experience. An investment that will provide better opportunities for personal and professional development and the most exciting part is meeting people from all over the world – it is an experience that she will always remember.

As Admissions Lead, Lais is responsible for managing student applications and admissions, ensuring that all Admissions are compliant with Dorset College QA standards and delivering a first class service to all stakeholders at all stages of the process.

Her Hobbies include:

  • Reading
  • Embroidery and any manual crafts
  • Puzzles
  • Barbecue with friends
  • Travelling
Job Title:
Admissions Lead