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Fabio Araujo

Digital Media Specialist

Fabio Graduated in Advertising and Marketing in 2014 and continued his studies with a specialist course in Digital Media Management in 2016.  His is currently completing the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business, developing his final research project on Hybrid Education.

Fabio is creative and passionate about photography, movies and music; with more than seven years’ experience working in education, he uses his creative skills in the area of Digital Media at Dorset College.

Fabio was born in Minas Gerais (Brazil); what brought him to Ireland in 2019 was his goal to become proficient in English and a desire to travel and get to know different cultures.  He would now describe Ireland as his home from home!

You can usually find him writing, producing and recording his new songs and travelling in his spare time - watch this space!!. 

Sales & Marketing
Job Title:
Digital Media & Marketing Executive