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Adriana Ricaurte

EFL Admissions

Adriana studied Industrial Engineering in Colombia and her previous jobs included quality systems, quality control, and accreditation. She has worked in Dorset College for the last 15 years in various roles.  She is currently working as the Admission Officer for the English Language School.

Adriana came to Ireland as an International student to study English at Dorset College 16 years ago.   Her experience included many social activities including visits to historical places around Ireland. She grew to love Ireland and decided to stay.

As Admissions Officer, Adriana is responsible for processing applications for all new English Language students and providing assistance to students who may encounter problems in the process.

She provides administration support for the Sales and Marketing team. She also supports students with their accommodation and any specific requirements they may have.

She enjoys Dancing, Walking and Travelling.

English Language School
Job Title:
EFL Admissions Officer