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Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE & Montessori)

Meet our Alumni Christine McEntee

We are very proud of our Alumni Christine McEntee, who started our Early Childhood Care & Education Level 6 (Montessori) programme in 2016. She then decided to gain the Degree in Early Childhood Care, Health & Education that Dorset College delivers in collaboration with Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

Today, she is one of the Teachers at Castleknock Montessori School.

'I always wanted to work with children and always wanted to be a teacher', it was only when I went to Dorset College that I realised my dream with the support of wonderful teachers and staff.

Currently, She works at the same Montessori-School where she once went herself, working together with her former teacher.

She choose Dorset because it is really affordable and she could do the course part-time, which allowed her to work simultaneously. 'Studying after work could be quite difficult, but the support from the lecturers was amazing. Without their support I could not have take on a degree with the level of work involved, she remembers. 'You contact the lectures any time you need them - anything they can do for you, they’will'

'There’s a great social life in Dublin and I would recommend Croke Park for the Sunday game or a nice walk...Drumcondra is an up and coming place with a lot of cafés and restaurants.

'The programme I did gave me confidence and nurtured some traits in me that I didn’t even know I had. Dorset College definitely made me a more competent and helpful person.' The lectures and the people you will meet are just amazing'

Christine McEntee
Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE & Montessori)
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