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Pre-Nursing Studies

Meet Rishta Khewantee Seebooa and her inspirational story to be told.....

She is our amazing former Pre-Nursing student who has also received the Excellence Award in 2016. Today, Khewantee is a student nurse specialising in intellectual Disability studying at Trinity College. She is looking forward to being fully qualified as a registered nurse at the end of September 2020. 

What Program did you study at Dorset College and why?
In 2015 I did the pre-nursing course in Dorset College. I applied through the CAO for a Nursing Degree as a mature student. To my great surprise, I was offered three colleges, but I choose Trinity College because it is the nearest to my home and it is also well known around the world.

The pre-nursing course proved to be very helpful when I was in my first year of my nursing degree. The modules are moderately similar. This really helped me during my assignment and exams in college in relation to research, referencing and completing and submitting my work on time.

Why did you choose studying with Us?
I choose to study this course in Dorset College as I needed to have this Pre-Nursing qualification so that I can work as a qualified HCA in HSE and private health organization. It enabled me to understand the role of HCA and to grow from there to be a qualified nurse. It also suited my family circumstances as a single parent.

How was your experience studying at Dorset College Dublin?
I had a great experience while I was in Dorset College. I have a few good friends. I really enjoyed that course. Moreover, I had some tutors who supported me a lot during my journey. It was not easy because I worked as a full-time HCA in one of the nursing-home in Dublin at that time. It was really exhausting for me because I used to work at night and attended my course during the day.

When I started my course, it was a bit hard for me to understand the academic words and the assignments were quite stressful. This was because I left secondary school in 2001, and after 15 years I joined an academic course. However, my principle at that time was to start any assignments or exams studies as early as possible and avoid procrastination. Moreover, I always asked relevant questions when I had any doubts and was confused about any topics. To add, most of my studies were carried out when I was working night shifts during my breaks and during quiet times.

More importantly, I have to look after my son. Yes, I have a son. At that time, he was 13 years old. I got married quite young and got divorced at a young age too. That means, I am a very busy mum who perform several roles such as a father, mother, HCA and a student as well. I really worked hard to be able to cope with everything.

On my graduation day from Dorset college, December 2016, I received the excellence award. I felt proud of myself for my achievement. I thanked my son for supporting me during my time of struggles. He tried to be as independent as possible to reduce my workload which really help me during my studies.

What three values do you think Dorset College offers on a professional and personal level?
A. Great communication skills towards individuals – Before starting the pre-nursing course, I was interviewed by the manager of the Dorset College. I really felt valued because she interviewed me and asked me why I wanted to do the course and what I would like to achieve from that. She encouraged me and gave me some guidance that really helped me to be who I am today.

B. Patience – my tutors were very understanding towards me. They always answered my questions and took time to explain to me when I was lost or did not understand something.

C. Encouragement – Regardless of my age, financial status, life conditions, I was encouraged and assisted to work towards my goals.

What recommendation would you have for those who are thinking about studying with Us?
If you want to help people, you want to provide a compassionate person centered care, Dorset College is the right place that will prepare you and will teach you how to perform you role in a holistic manner.

How has your experience at Dorset College influenced your professional development?
I developed myself to behave professionally at work and to work as a team using proper communication skills.

After your offer to continue your study in three different Colleges. Can you tell us about the choice you made to study in Trinity College and how that transition was, what are you studying and what is your aim for the future?

Accepting the offer in Trinity college was exciting and daunting as well. I applied the knowledge and skills from my work experiences and the pre-nursing course to my nursing degree and here I am, nearly completed my four years journey in Trinity College. The pre-nursing course has really helped when I was in first year in Trinity. Most of the modules were quite similar such as communication and health promotion. Moreover, the short courses such as Manual handling, hand hygiene, MAPA, Infection Control are also essential throughout my nursing career.

Dorset is ...
A life-changing experience. My life is an example of it. I was always treated as an individual. Additionally, I always received feedback on my academic progress. Plus, my tutors Celine and Geraldine understood my strength and weakness, and they supported me in my needs, all the time.

Rishta Khewantee Seebooa
Pre-Nursing Studies
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