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BSc in Computing

Meet Julio Costa Beyeler

We recently spoke with Julio Costa Beyeler, a Bachelor of Science in Computing student from Brazil, who is about to enter his final year of his course. He previously worked as a civil engineering technician back in 2018, the same year he graduated vocational-technical school, where he gained amazing experiences which were essential for him to build character & professional skills. With plans of opening his own clothing store, the future is bright for Julio & his creative ideas.

What programme did you study at Dorset College & why?

I always saw myself in the “design” field. The reason why I chose this programme was for the most part the design subjects such as UX/UI, web-development, and mobile app development, through which I was able to gather new skills and learn of different software that could be used to achieve what I wanted.

How was your experience studying at Dorset College?

So far, I’ve had a positive experience studying here. The staff is always coming up with different social events for students, the building is nicely equipped for classes. I can’t say I haven’t had any problems, but when I did, staff always made sure to sit down with me and try to solve them.

What 3 values do you think Dorset College offers on a personal/ professional development?

Values I would say the college offers are ethics, collaboration, and community. For anyone who thinks about studying at Dorset my recommendation is to do it! It will open new possibilities and really, the experience is about YOU making the most of it.

What are your future plans after completing your course?

My plans are hopefully having my own virtual shop someday, selling t-shirts with my designs on them. I want to create my own website and business with what I learned and from my experience at college.

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Instagram: @beyelej

Julio Costa Beyeler
BSc in Computing
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