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Bachelor of Science in Computing

Bsc 3 by Maksym Valilov

My name is Maksym Vavilov. I’m from Ukraine and I’ve completed the “Bachelor of Computing and Multimedia” at the Dorset College in 2019. After it, I’ve continued my study at Maynooth University as a master’s student in Computer Science.

Project description

The final year project for the course was an Android application, that was combining in it several instruments for the guitar player to make life easier. It includes online and offline libraries of the songs, tuner, and metronome for the practice.

What topic did you choose?

I’ve chosen an Android-based application as it is the most popular platform and guitar thematic as I’m the person who has a decent experience with the guitar myself and familiar with most of the difficulties nowadays.

How did you approach to the project?

I’ve started with a research of what existed by the time I was to start it. A huge help was a supervisor, who advised me of what was expected to accomplish. After this, it was only one thing left – combine my previous experience with new knowledge.

If you have to resolve a problem, can you describe it and mention what was the solution that you have found?

The whole project was solving one problem after another, but every time the solution was right in from of me – or in the notes from the class or in the words from the lecturers. All I needed is to do what I was taught to do.

What did you discover?

During the work I’ve discovered, most of the work is done by other people before me in other applications and the main work was to implement it into my project and ensure, that it works as intended.

Maksym Vavilov
Bachelor of Science in Computing
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