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Special Needs Assisting

Meet Anita Cheevers

My name is Anita Cheevers and I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am a Special Needs Assistant working in a National Primary School in Dublin West. I studied both Level 5 & 6 in Special Needs Assisting at Dorset College, from Aug 2019 to Nov 2019.

I decided to study these courses as I had wanted to pursue this career for a while and had looked into what particular qualification’s I would need in order to achieve this goal. Having looked at various colleges, both online and in-house, I decided to go with Dorset College.

Dorset College stood out to me as it seemed to tick all the boxes that I thought would help get me the qualification’s that I needed. I found the size of the classes Dorset College offered was a bonus, as the small numbers definitely made it easier to feel comfortable and at ease. I was very lucky with the class that I happened to be enroled in, as we all worked really well together.

Another factor I found appealing when choosing Dorset College, was its location. It is within a really accessible location, with numerous bus routes and the city centre is in walking distance.

I found the content of both level 5 & 6 courses to be really informative. There was a huge emphasis on the whole meaning of what an SNA is and what as an SNA you should be striving to achieve.

We were given a huge amount of notes and these were all given to us to use going forward, and I definitely use these on a regular basis.

We were always told by our tutor to believe that we could achieve our goals and to strive to reach them, even if it was difficult at times, with other commitments that we may have. This was instrumental in me continuing on to do the Level 6, and I am very grateful to have been given the chance to succeed in both courses at Dorset College.

One thing that I carry with me everyday within the class setting, is that if you can help just one child achieve their own personal best in whatever it is they are doing, then I am doing my job the way that I was taught. This is down to the Dorset College team and their commitment to ensuring their students are putting what they have learnt into practice.

Dorset College is a place to come to study if you want to take a new direction in your chosen career or those who may want to enhance and develop further in your career. It is a place that helps its students to achieve their personal best and offers a friendly and welcoming environment to all.

Anita Cheevers
Special Needs Assisting
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