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Type of Course
QQI Level 6
6 Weeks
Start / End Date
16/04/21 - 21/05/2021
Day & Time
09.30 - 17.00
Live Online Classes
Course Fees
Special Discount 10%

Why take this course?

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to direct quality
customer service within a work, social or voluntary environment, independently and or in a supervisory capacity.

JOBS For the Future?
Ageing in Ireland, North and South

Research has shown that “Today 1.1 million people aged 60 and over live on the island of Ireland. By 2041, there will be 2.44 million aged 60 and over making up nearly one third of the island’s total population”.  Central Statistics Office, 2013; Office for National Statistics 2011

What will I study?

You will gain the skills on how to deal with the physical and psychological problems that are part of working with older people.

Study the ageing process and gain an understanding of the normal and pathological changes that occur with age.

Gain insights and an understanding of successful ageing and strategies into the professional care of the older person.

Understanding of the legislation and organisations which support older people.

Programme Modules

Unit 1. The Older Person in Society

Unit content

  • Describe the definition of old age
  • Explore demographic changes associated with the older person
  • Compare and contrast Ireland’s older population with that of Europe and worldwide
  • Explore stereotypes associated with the older person
  • Explore own ideas and beliefs about the older person
  • Consider the views of older people regarding what it is like to be old in Ireland today
  • Compare and contrast the role of older people in Ireland, Europe and worldwide 

Unit 2. The Ageing Process

Unit Content

  • Explore biological theories of ageing
  • Identify physical changes associated with ageing body systems
  • Identify factors that contribute to physical decline
  • Identify factors that promote physical well being
  • Explore pathological conditions associated with ageing
  • Explore care and treatment available to help with pathological conditions
  • Explore own role in promoting healthy ageing

Unit 3. Successful ageing

Unit Content

  • Explore major theories of human growth and development as relates to the older person
  • Explore life changes and losses associated with ageing
  • Identify factors that may promote or prevent adjustment to life changes
  • Identify how others may help the older person to adjust to life changes
  • Discuss mental health issues associated with the older person
  • Explore opportunities for growth and learning in old age
  • Explore ways to show leadership and support to care staff and families who are helping the older person

Unit 4. Policies, Care and support

Unit Content

  • Explore current issues facing older people living in Ireland today
  • Identify legal and economic entitlements of the older person in Ireland
  • Identify care and support available to the older person in the community
  • Explore standards of care in residential settings
  • Explore own role as leader and advocate in the workplace
  • Identify organisations in Ireland that are helpful to the older person
  • Compare and contrast care and support available in Ireland, Europe and the world
  • Explore innovative programmes for older people in Ireland, Europe and the world

At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Evaluate a range of common age related psychological changes and their effect on the ageing client
  • Assess personal and societal attitudes towards the older person t
  • Assess the importance of cultivating loving relationships throughout life to provide emotional supports.
  • Evaluate how services in long term care establishments can assist clients and their families to cope with issues of integration and change
  • Examine the issues associated with an ageing society to include economics, governmental policy, housing, healthcare and aids to successful ageing
  • Recognise a range of factors that contribute to physical decline and specific physical changes in ageing.
  • Identify a range of entitlements available to older citizens in Ireland to include legal entitlements, professional and governmental services.
  • Research the normal and pathological changes in adulthood and ageing
  • Evaluate older person care provision nationally and internationally
  • Describe the sociological aspects of ageing to include role transition, family life, spirituality, employment, ageing as a gradual life long process.
  • Research the traditional view of old age in Irish culture, songs and writings, to include a contrast between the traditional views and emerging ideas of old age as affecting people of multiple disciplines.


Entry Requirements

Ideal for those working in a Healthcare facility, for example, Nursing Homes, Community Care or in hospitals.

  • This course is open to all with general work/life experience.
  • Those in occupational roles sufficient to allow them reflect upon the practical implications of gerontology knowledge and skills.
  • Those with a significant professional interest in areas such as Health Care and Community Care.

Assessment & Awards

The Assessment will include:

  • Portfolio / Collection of Work 50%
  • Skills Demonstration 50%

Credit Value: 15 Credits


Award: QQI Gerontology Certificate Level 6 (Minor Award)

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